Bluesky Scratches That Twitter Itch

Lauren Goode: Right, even GitHub acquired acquired by Microsoft.

Michael Calore: Yeah, and God bless them. Well, we do have to take a break after which we’ll come again with our suggestions.


Michael Calore: All proper, let’s do our suggestions. Kate, what’s yours?

Kate Knibbs: This can be essentially the most millennial English main advice of all time.

Lauren Goode: You’re welcome again anytime.

Kate Knibbs: Buckle up. One of my buddies has a Substack publication referred to as Fran Magazine. Her identify’s Fran Hopner. It’s nice. And she is operating one thing referred to as Middlemarch May, #MiddlemarchMay. And it’s a ebook membership the place everybody reads Middlemarch within the month of May, which is now, which is that this month, which implies I simply learn 200 pages of Middlemarch prior to now two days.

Michael Calore: Wow.

Kate Knibbs: And Middlemarch is sweet and I like to recommend that everybody reads George Elliot’s basic novel about provincial life in jolly Old England. I’m actually having fun with the journey. It’s humorous. It’s like shockingly humorous and yeah, hashtag #MiddlemarchMay. Let’s get it going. Let’s get it viral on Bluesky. Yeah, that is my rec.

Lauren Goode: Kate, can I inform you one thing hilarious?

Kate Knibbs: Of course.

Lauren Goode: Before Brian Barrett, our former govt editor of stories, left WIRED, he joined us within the Gadget Lab. And have you learnt what his advice was? Middlemarch.

Kate Knibbs: Was it May—

Lauren Goode: By George Elliot. No, however no, it was, I do not suppose it was, however he positively really useful Middlemarch.

Kate Knibbs: Wow.

Lauren Goode: Let’s message him on the … let’s toot at him or skeet him proper now.

Kate Knibbs: Shouldn’t we publish at him? Doesn’t he work for Post now?

Lauren Goode: No, he works for the opposite social community that nobody referred to as Narwhal.

Kate Knibbs: Narwhal, sorry, Brian.

Lauren Goode: It’s a part of The Atlantic that nobody is aware of something about.

Michael Calore: Still ready for that to drop.

Lauren Goode: Yeah. When’s that coming, guys?

Michael Calore: I do not know. What are they going to name tweets? Is it going to be referred to as like horns?

Lauren Goode: It’s going to be referred to as BWWWOOOOOOO like a whale sound like Dory in Finding Nemo when she does the whale sound.

Michael Calore: Never seen it.

Lauren Goode: Oh my goodness.

Michael Calore: Lauren, what’s your advice?

Lauren Goode: No, however that was a superb … however I simply wished to say, Kate, that is actually a theme right here. We actually are a bunch of damaged millennial English majors.

Michael Calore: Not a millennial.

Lauren Goode: OK Mike, whilst you’re the odd man out.

Michael Calore: I really feel a have to defend and ask individuals to respect my—

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