Smart Home, Health Tech, and Everything Else We Saw at CES

Michael Calore: Fantastic.

Julian Chokkattu: Smart.

Adrienne So: Because by God, I cannot be standing in a line for awful espresso for 20 minutes when I’ve to get to a press convention. I’m simply going to brew that up in my room whereas I’m preparing, getting dressed within the morning. And I’m ready to face the hoards of individuals the minute I get out of my tower. This is a complete recreation changer. This was the primary yr the place I used to be identical to, “Oh, I am a pro at this. I am fully caffeinated and ready to go.”

Michael Calore: Is this a collapsible kettle?

Adrienne So: Yes. It’s a kind of collapsible silicone kettles.

Michael Calore: Nice.

Adrienne So: Yeah, so I did not even should, I did not examine something. It’s about, I received it off of Amazon for about $30.

Michael Calore: Never heard of it.

Adrienne So: I do know. It’s about an inch thick when it is totally compressed, and it’s very large enough to brew one cup of espresso with an AeroPress.

Julian Chokkattu: And you introduced your individual floor beans, I assume?

Adrienne So: I introduced the filters, I introduced the beans. I felt actually unhealthy about it truly. I felt like I ought to inform all of you guys that I’ve espresso in my room. But then it was identical to, “But then they’d be in here waking me up.”

Michael Calore: Secret’s out.

Adrienne So: I do know.

Michael Calore: My AeroPress Go has been to 3 CES’s now.

Adrienne So: Mike, is your energy transfer my energy transfer?

Michael Calore: Well, I imply, I handed it alongside, I subconsciously handed it alongside.

Adrienne So: No you did not. No, it was not subconsciously. I feel I noticed your … Did you convey a Fellow kettle one yr?

Michael Calore: No, it was my Bonavita swan neck.

Adrienne So: Oh my God. Totally completely different.

Julian Chokkattu: Wait, what?

Michael Calore: My temperature-controlled swan-neck kettle.

Julian Chokkattu: Wow.

Michael Calore: Yeah, I needed to carry recording tools so we may document the podcast. I’ve new recording tools now, which is way smaller. So I did not want the second suitcase, so the kettle needed to go. I’ve simply been ingesting like … I’ve been ingesting plebeian espresso from the espresso store downstairs. Not the great bougie Adrienne espresso.

Adrienne So: I do know. So, OK, so my precise hack is that I did not convey the swan neck. The hack is the collapsible journey kettle which you can put in your carry-on.

Julian Chokkattu: I really feel like kettles ought to simply be a factor in each resort room, proper?

Michael Calore: They needs to be.

Julian Chokkattu: They needs to be.

Adrienne So: Yeah. But folks simply do horrible issues to or with them. Is that why they do not have them? Let’s not speculate. I do not know. Would they wash their underwear in them. I do not know. This is how you may inform I have never had espresso. I’m sorry.

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