What Happens If Twitter Gets Hacked?

Michael Calore: Yes.

Lauren Goode: Yes.

Lily Hay Newman: I often … I’ll eat a protein bar, and I’m like, “Yeah. Oh, OK. Great. This is good,” after which I’m going to eat it once more, and I’m like, “No, I’m sick of it. I don’t want another one.”

Michael Calore: Yeah. Or you eat one and also you simply suppose like, “OK, that was sustenance. Now, I can live for another hour.”

Lily Hay Newman: Even the Wicked maple protein bars, that is just about all we’re attending to. I would not say it is a favourite meals, however I can eat them a number of instances in no matter, a month or every week or no matter it’s, and get via it and never be similar to, I do not know, throwing it out or so fed up with myself for putting myself within the state of affairs. But much like the final time I used to be on the present, once I really useful a kind of N95 masks and offered the disclosure that the masks are very unattractive, I do really feel the necessity to present a disclosure this time that different individuals who have tried the protein bars didn’t like them. So when I’ve given them to associates or been like, “Oh yeah, these protein bars are so good.” They stated they thought the flavour was gross they usually do not perceive … as a result of it is not candy, that is the factor. I do not like when protein bars are tremendous candy so—

Michael Calore: Neither do I.

Lily Hay Newman: This is what you get when you may have me on the present. My suggestions are an actual blended bag, however for my palate, Wicked Protein Bars in maple, 15 grams of protein, 2 grams of sugar, and I’m seeing right here, it says, “Certified clean.”

Michael Calore: Well, that is one thing I at all times search for in meals that I’m consuming.

Lily Hay Newman: Yeah.

Michael Calore: Certified clear? What? Like it is PG? I do not know.

Lily Hay Newman: Right, precisely. I would like a G ranking for my protein bars. Anyway, that is my advice.

Lauren Goode: That’s a reasonably good one.

Michael Calore: That sounds each scrumptious and nutritious. Thank you for the advice. Lauren, what’s your advice?

Lauren Goode: I simply need to say, whereas Lily was giving her glorious advice, I used to be going via my Twitter inbox and I went all the best way again to my very first DM on Twitter. My very first DMs had been in 2009, June 2009, and it was only a collection of individuals saying, “Hey, thanks for the follow,” like there is a—

Michael Calore: Old faculty.

Lauren Goode: It’s what folks did then. Yeah.

Michael Calore: Old faculty.

Lauren Goode: There’s somebody with the deal with @citizenfreepress and it is, “Thanks for the follow.” And then, @runnersworld, which I adopted, “Thanks for the follow.” That’s it. That’s it, that is the joy.

Michael Calore: OK, Lauren. What is your advice?

Lauren Goode: My advice this week is Andy Greenberg’s new guide, Tracers within the Dark. Andy is a colleague of ours. He works intently with Lily on our safety desk, and I’ve to confess, I’ve not but learn Andy’s guide. It simply got here out, and I’m hoping that we are going to have the chance to have Andy on the present in some unspecified time in the future to speak about it as a result of he is doing the press circuit for it now. But his guide, Tracers within the Dark, is concerning the investigators chasing criminals via the very darkish crypto underworld. He interviews prosecutors, trade analysts, even some criminals themselves. He writes about how there are these clues within the pseudo-anonymous, decentralized blockchain which might be tipping off investigators to those crimes, and it has lots of greater implications, I believe, for our ideas of privateness and anonymity on the internet. Andy is only a actually highly effective, masterful author and glorious reporter. And so I look ahead to studying it, however I like to recommend it for everybody else proper now, Tracers within the Dark.

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